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Woman voting

Sheffield Fems are hosting an evening of speeches followed by questions and answers with candidates from the 4 main parties on the place of women in society

The speakers are:
Jack Scott- Labour standing in Hallam
Nicola Bates- Conservative standing in Hallam
Paul Scriven- Lib Dem standing in Central
Jillian Creasy- Greens standing in Central

Patricia Daniels- Chair

Bring your questions about women to ask the candidates, or simply sit and listen and let this event help you to decide who gets your vote.

HustingsFlyer Please distribute this flyer anywhere suitable if you think you might know people who are interested in this event

Tuesday 23rd March,
Quaker Meeting House,
10 St James Street, Sheffield S1 2EW
Speeches from the candidates will begin at 7.15.
Free (donations on the door), Open To All
Jude Dodds 0114 266 0434

Here are a few pics from Tuesday’s Adventures in Menstruating event.

Hi Everyone,

Next Tuesday we have a special event planned with the wonderful ladies of
Featuring Highly Unsanitary Comedy for menstruators and non-menstruators alike by Chella and Sarah there will be:
Sneak preview of the latest issue of Adventures in Menstruating zine
Deconstructions of feminine hygiene ads
Putting periods back into history
Comic poetry, zine readings and songs
Mooncup vs. Tampon
Menstrual superheros
and pads for men

Check out!

This is will be in the Sat Pal Ram room of the University of Sheffield Student’s Union but is open to ALL. Starting at 7.30pm.
We will also be asking for a small voluntary donation to help cover costs.

There is limited space so please let us know if you are definitely coming. Also non students coming need to give us their names in advance so we can put your name on the door of the Union so you can get in.

email sheffieldfems[at] for more info etc.

Don’t miss this event!


Former MP for Hillsborough Helen Jackson has been made a CBE in the new year’s honours for her work on women’s pensions and the south Yorkshire community!

I’ve got a guest post up on the f-word about the rise of the phrase “facebook rape” and what can be done.


Women in Honduras protest against the military coup

Women in Honduras protest against the military coup

“What kind of democracy are they talking about?    Democracy should involve the participation of the people.”

“We will not be silent! They will not silence us!”

 CAWN (the UK based Central American Women’s Network) highlights the fact that, as usual, media coverage of the continuing  crisis in Honduras omits both consideration of the impact of Micheletti’s military coup on women and the role of women in protesting against it. In fact, women have been in the forefront of the protest.

“As the threat of a coup loomed, women’s organisations sprang into action, organising marches, mobilising rural and urban women, writing and distributing bulletins, and sending information and eyewitness images around the world by email, blogs and social networking media. Since the mainstream news channels in Honduras are strictly controlled, these reports from women continue to provide crucial information by their immediacy and by giving a voice to ordinary people,” says Katherine Ronderas in a press recent release.

For more information on women in Honduras go to the CAWN website at

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