You are making me angry.

The weight-loss diets were bad enough, but what on earth gave you the idea that we are the kind of website that would link to your despicable stalking site? Feel free to crawl under the nearest rock, and may your deity of choice smite you in a cruel and unusual way.

The pingbacks for porn sites aren’t getting through, either. What a pity spam bots can’t read comment policies.

So, it turns out that the woman that presented the god-awful 10 Years Younger has been replaced by a younger model.

The phrase, “what goes around, comes around.”

This woman (Nicky Hambleton-Jones) has spent the last few years telling other women that they look disgusting and must totally change their faces, bodies and wardrobes in order to be “sexy” and “feminine” and “young” (and all those other things that women must look in order to be happy), and heaven help any woman that looks her age (and even worse any poor poor down trodden woman that a panel of 100 strangers declares to look over her age)!
And now she has being replaced by someone 7 years younger than her, and according to an interview I’ve just read (while feeding my guilt pleasure for trashy magazines) we should all feel sorry for her!
Hambleton-Jones argues that she is the victim of a media culture that demands ever younger looking woman and that woman over 40 must struggle everyday to look younger and younger.

Anyone else want to give her a good slapping?!

Oh and she talks about how we should all thank her for ‘normalising’ plastic surgery…

I know it’s not particularly feminist of me to feel that this is deserved, but if you front a programme that tells women that they are disgusting for looking their age and promote expensive, painful and unnecessary plastic surgery as the solution to all of life’s problems, can you really be surprised if your bumped off for a younger model?