I’m in London (having stuffed myself with free pizza and homemade cake, courtesy of my family, who convened in a clan-like fashion for my belated birthday) and so, once again, weekend news-surfing will have to wait. Apologies for the inconvenience!

In the meantime, happy International Womens’ Day, and well done to anybody who was motivated enough to not only be in one of the right cities, but also attend the events going on yesterday.

A mood of cheerfulness is everywhere; when I came London-wards on Friday afternoon, the train manager treated us to this gem of an announcement:

“We are now approaching London St. Pancras. Once again, I apologise for the overcrowding in standard accomodation, and for those customers in Coach F – do your stuff with QPR on Saturday! May I remind all customers to take all personal belongings with them. Up the blades!”

I, of course, burst out laughing, which earned me some very odd looks – displays of emotion not being generally encouraged on English trains. I can but hope that the return journey is equally amusing.

Check me out! In a fit of organisational triumph, I’m posting a reminder before an event – go me!

To celebrate, this post will remain at the top of the page until I decide to take it down – most likely next Monday.

Million Women Rise is this Saturday, in London. More details at the MWR website. If you’re going, have fun. I will personally be in London that day, although it’s unlikely that I’ll be in the crowd, sadly. Consider me there in spirit.

If you’re not heading down to London, you have no excuse for not turning up to the vigil in Sheffield city centre, at the war memorial by the City Hall. Not even if you’re in another city entirely. I, of course, am exempt from this sweeping judgement, as I will at least be in one of the cities concerned. I hope to aquire the badge that says “tyrant” in the near future. Anyway, see here for more information.

That’s my organisational genius exhausted for now. Tomorrow evening, I shall do what I do every night: try to take over the world!!!