There are three main aims to these links, and these depend on what purpose this site serves for the people that read it.

For those in need of Sheffield-specific information or services, please see here. This page gives a list of local websites, and also features research done by the Fems for particular subjects, such as Sheffield abortion providers, which cannot be quickly found with the sites provided.

For those people wanting UK-specific information or services, please see here. This is a list of nationwide groups that may be of interest.

For those wanting to read more about feminism, please see here. The links in this page are organised into rough categories, but there will of course be some overlap between topics. It should also be said that those websites in the “feminism basics” category are, of course, good reading even for those people who have a good prior knowledge of feminism. Everybody comes to the topic slightly differently, and it’s never a bad thing to get the opinions of others, especially when it comes to defining what feminism is!