As Sheffield Fems no longer exists as an organisation, comments are now closed on this page.

Please go to the Sheffield Feminist Network website to get in touch.


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  1. Sigrid Says:

    Hello there,

    can I be added to your mailing list? I’m italian but I have been living in Sheffield for 3 months. I’m very interested in feminism issue. In my country I also followed an MA in Gender Studies.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Rachel Says:

    Of course! I’ve let the person in charge of the mailing list know, so you should hear from her soon.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Hello i would like to get involved in this,
    Ive been women’s officer at Coventry University but have moved back to Sheffield to study here, I am on the National Union of Students Women’s Campaign committe and Regional Women’s Officer for North East, Yorkshire and Humber.
    Please let me know how i can get involved

  4. Rachel Says:

    Hi, Jenny.
    Sheffield Fems is taking a bit of a summer break, but we’ll be resuming properly some time in September.
    If you’re in Sheffield, we’ll be going for a drink on Tuesday 11th August (details will be posted on the blog page) which you – and anybody else – are more than welcome to come along to.
    Otherwise, you can email the Sheffield Fems account above to be kept informed of what we’re up to.
    Hope to see or hear from you soon!

  5. milly Says:

    hi i go to sheffield university and i’ll be back a week on monday. i was just wondering if the meetings are still on tuesday at half 7? if not how can i get involved?
    i look forward to hearing back from you

  6. Rachel Says:

    Hi Milly – yes, the meetings are on as they should be, 7:30 on Tuesdays. If you can’t make it to meetings, let us know and we’ll add you to the mailing list, so that you can check out our events and see if there are any that appeal to you.

  7. Emma Says:

    Hi I would really like to become involved. Please can you add me to the mailing list?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Em x

  8. harmfulbat Says:

    Hi Emma, could you email your contact email address to sheffieldfems[at] and we’ll add you to the mailing list!

  9. Katie Says:

    Could I also be added to your mailing list, please? Really want to get involved!
    Thaanks! x

  10. Rachel Says:

    Hi Katie, I’ve passed your email address on, so you should be added to the mailing list soon.

  11. Aileen Says:

    I’d very much like to get involved in this group and come to a meeting if it would be ok? I have a specific women’s rights issue that has recently become very important to me that I really want to discuss with others and work out what I can do to help. I’ll sign up to the mailing list now.
    Aileen x

  12. Rachel Says:

    Hi Aileen,
    just in case you missed the email, the next meeting will be on Tuesday June 8th, in the Dog & Partridge as usual. And of course you’re welcome to come along 🙂

  13. Aileen Says:

    Thanks Rachel, I’ll be there! How will I know the group though?

  14. Rachel Says:

    You can usually find the Fems in the snug – the small room directly opposite the main entrance. If I’m there (and I hope to be, but it’s not guaranteed) I’ll be looking out for you, of course. I’ve got short, unruly dark hair and glasses, I pass for white, and you’re likely to spot me wearing an obscenely brightly-coloured top. Otherwise, I recommend just looking out for the group of women!

  15. Hello

    I read about your organisation a few weeks ago and wanted to get in touch because I’m a very keen feminist.

    I also run Big Buddha Films, a film company dedicated to promoting women and I have a new film I’m trying to get made. This is always difficult for women in a male dominated industry. I am looking for some support and wanted to send you information about this.

    You can find details on my website at:
    Go to films – Peekaboo page and there is an information pack pdf that can be downloaded that tells you all about the film.

    Hope to hear from you
    Debbie Howard

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