WWW Conference

WWW Conference

On October 24th 2009 Sheffield Fems in conjunction with Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and the National Assembly of Women are running a one day conference called
Speakers including….
Marie-Claire Faray-Kele UK WILPF, Common Cause UK (Platform of Congolese Women in the UK) and WDDRC (Women for the Development of the DRC)

Ann Hamilton Vice-chair End Violence Against Women Coalition, Head of Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance, Trustee Zero Tolerance Trust,Principal Policy Development Officer ( Equality ) & Lead Officer on Prostitution Glasgow City Council.

Helen Jackson Former MP for Sheffield Hillsborough, Member
Women’s National Commission, Trustee Fawcett Society

Jean Lambert MEP Green MEP for London

More to be confirmed
For more information contact either worldwidewomensheffield@gmail.com or sheffieldfems@gmail.com


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  1. […] 24/10/2009 · Leave a Comment There’s a conference in Sheffield today that I’m going to have to stay home from, because I think the cough I’m currently sporting  and the rousing speeches just won’t mix somehow. But if you’re in or near Sheffield, and not hacking up a lung, details are here! […]

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