Today, somebody found the site by searching for “sheffield fems miss sheffield”.

Well, yes. At least, I miss Sheffield when I’m not here.

Pausing in my silliness for a moment, I’m sure what they were actually looking for was something along the lines of “Miss World” or “Miss University”, but I personally haven’t heard of a “Miss Sheffield”, and therefore cannot help. Anybody care to enlighten me? I have, however, seen a semi-naked calendar on sale in the Union, produced by the people studying to become vets (what do you call that degree? “Vetinary Studies”?!). If I remember correctly, it was full of photos of men, presumably because the combination of gruff manly man (which they weren’t) and fuzzy cute kittens (which, admittedly, were quite fuzzy) is meant to inspire a reaction of “awww, makes yer heart melt, dunnit”. As opposed to “phwoarrrr! Tits!”. At this point I should mention that anybody wishing to tell me that men are objectified just like women are should stop, think, and probably say nothing at all.

Also in the search terms box: “european female impersonators”.

Hah! Well, that’s probably because of my links to female impersonator, which is a blog I stumble across on a fairly regular basis. But I like to think that the Sheffield Fems could be female impersonators too, if we so chose.

I should probably also mention that over the last 90 days, the one term that gained us the most hits was… wait for it…

“funny kittens”.

This, with a total of 79 hits. How fluffy does that make me feel?!