The Observer today had a really interesting section on women in 2008. There was a couple of interesting interviews, analysis of how far women have come in various areas of society (such as politics, the city etc etc etc), and an overview of the last 80 years in terms of feminist developments.

Great! It’s about time women and feminist issues got more press.

Shame they couldn’t get one basic fact right isn’t it?
In the overview section, they do in fact call the 70’s “the decade of bra burning”.

*bangs head on desk*

Let’s get this straight… No feminists ever burnt bras!!!

The full explanation for this stupid myth is here but in short, at the 1968 Miss World pageant, feminists threw some of the trappings of femininity in to a bin, but never set it on fire.

So, no feminists have ever burnt their bras. And probably none ever will. The next person to mention it to me may however be set on fire themselves.