People, I have been somewhat rubbish recently. This is because I have exams, and a little brother who misses me (or so he says, when I’m not in London; when I am, he’s quite content to either insult or ignore me, as the mood takes him).

For my lack of presence on the blog, I apologise. I’m now back in Sheffield and supposedly revising. I have an exam this afternoon. Therefore, I’ll be back to my normal voluable self, irritating everybody mightily by messing around with the website.

The important thing is this: we’re considering creating a new, feminist magazine for the students’ union.

And we need contributors. Lots of them. We’re going for rampant shameless self-promotion here. If you’re creative in any way whatsoever, even if it is merely an impressive vocabulary of well-thought-out epithets, come along! (Especially people whose talent is in insults; I need some new ones!)

Can you write? Read? Proof-read? Draw? Paint? Knit? … I’m not entirely sure how we’d fit the last one in, but seriously, tell us about it anyway!

Can you design us a new logo for our lamentably neglected leaflets?

Can you design us a new leaflet, full stop?!

You get the drift, I’m sure.

If you can’t turn up to tonight’s meeting (which, as far as I know, is still in the University Arms, 7:30pm), feel free to leave your shameless self-promotion in comments or in an email to us.

Happy creating, everybody!