Today was the refreshers’ fair at the University of Sheffield, and Sheffield Fems were duly present, in the form of myself and Alex. Not next to the Labour Party, this time, but sandwiched between the Disney Society and the Dance, Trance and Electronica Society. Who had a sound system to rival that of the people ostensibly in control of all music in the room. Perhaps now is the time to mention that I am most at home in grotty metal bars. Three hours of being deafened by the antithesis of my musical taste (such as it is) has sent me a little crazy, I think.

Still, that minor inconvenience was balanced out by my attempts at getting people to play bingo with me. Good times.

As it is practically mandatory in some online social circles, I created yet another anti-feminist bingo card. It’s a blend of those that have come before – I used my entire collection to help me – so my thanks go to anybody who’s ever created one! I did remove the more internet-troll style comments, though, replacing them with things that you tend to hear in real life. If I include this hybrid card over at A Second Thought with the others, it will bring the total up to 23!

It did seem to help, actually. It’s always good to have something to talk about, and I remember one woman in particular who not only seemed fairly enthusiastic about what we do, but was also practically spitting blood remembering all of the times she’d heard “all blonde women are stupid”. At least I can reasonably claim to have an effect on people!

In other news, we’ve got a lot of good things lined up for the next month or so. We’re starting to plan some larger events than we normally manage, so it’s especially worthwhile at the moment to keep an eye on our upcoming events.

And, because I’m [vain/ proud of my work] *delete as applicable*, I leave you with my lovely hybrid bingo card: