This post will be sticky until the elections are finished, 10pm on Thursday.

I have little inspiration, and less time, so I will simply say:

Please don’t vote racists into Europe.

The BNP are hate-mongering douchebags, as we’ve reported previously.

UKIP (UK Independence Party) seem unaware of the irony of a political party that want nothing to do with Europe standing in the European elections. For that reason alone, don’t vote for them. Also, when even Robert Kilroy-Silk calls them a “joke”  (which he did), the party is clearly not even fit for a talk show, let alone politics.

These elections are decided by proportional representation, which means your vote really does count.

Please use it for something other than hate.

You all should read this post from Penny Red, it follows on nicely from my last post and also from brazenshrew’s comment which was this:

It really annoys me that most people don’t seem to think that history can repeat itself. The nazis gained power in very similar circumstances; a weak economy and disenchantment with the political process. It’s scary how easily they could get it, if people are complacent, that is.

History CAN repeat itself and only YOU can make a difference.

I’m going away with JD imminently to York, where I went to university, to stay in a posh hotel and swim and eat dinner out tonight and all that fancy stuff 🙂