Charlie Brooker said better than I could have, here on Comment Is Free, but I’ve got some stuff to add:

I got BNP literature in the mail today. It’s the first time here, in Adopted Town. In York, where I went to university, aka the whitest place ever ever, it was quite a regular thing. We once even had them at the door. I closed it in their faces. Our Jewish lecturer was appalled that such things were shoved through the doors of unsuspecting students.

Anyway, apparently “people like me” vote BNP. Given that these flyers weren’t selected mailouts but rather the postman had them in his hand (I know because he knocked to give me a parcel), I assume that my neighbours received them too. You know, my Chinese neighbour, and the two Polish families on my street. Do “people like them” vote BNP too? Because ha fucking ha.

I abhor racism in all its forms and I hate the BNP for existing, although obviously, it’s a democracy, they have the right to exist. I just wish they didn’t have the right to put their putrid filth through my letterbox. It’s vomit-inducing. The propaganda on this shit is unbelievable. The worrying thing is that I can see how they work, I can see how the rhetoric spins the truth. To that end I can see how people could get sucked in. It’s unbelievable.

Take, for example, the fact that one of the BNP’s “key pledges” according to this mailout is to “oppose the dangerous drive – backed by the other main parties – to give 80 million low-wage, Muslim Turks the right to swamp Britain.”

This is EU-related stuff. The EU wants Turkey in the EU and clearly that will open up free migration like it did with Eastern Europe when Poland et al joined a few years ago. This is true – and lots of Polish families did move throughout Western Europe. The fear that they would “take all our jobs” was not realised, and never will be realised either. So how likely is it that 80m Turks will come over here? According to Wikipedia that’s the entire population of Turkey plus 9m. Mathematics, not a racist’s strongpoint. Plus, of course, clearly every Turkish person worships Allah. Cos they’re a bit foreign, you see.

I also really object to the leaflet’s use of women and children, it’s so fucking contrived. Really, they’re saying: VOTE FOR US BECAUSE TEH WIMMINZ AND TEH CHILDRUNZ CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO LOOK AFTER THEMSELVES OK?

I’m going to mail it back to the BNP. It wasn’t directly sent to me, but I’d like them to know my displeasure anyway. I’m going to write FUCK OFF on it and send it back. It’s worth the price of a stamp.