Alright, alright. I’ve been having this discussion somewhere and I thought I’d move it over here.

Tell me what you like about your body.

Not your eyes. Everyone has pretty eyes. It’s a cop out.

Tell me about your slim ankles, your pretty toes, your shapely calves, your strong thighs, your wide pelvis, those stretchmarks on your stomach. Tell me about how every lover you had told you how beautiful your breasts were. Tell me about the freckles on your arms, about the way you have dainty wrists perfect for wearing bracelets on. Tell me about your thick wrists, if you like, and about how good a man’s watch looks on them. Tell me about that tattoo. Tell me about your perfect skin, your lovely eyebrows, your pierced ears. Tell me about your hair, is it long? Short? Straight? Curly?

Does your partner grab your ass? Does he/she kiss your back and say it’s beautiful? Do you like your knees? Your elbows? The back of your neck?

Tell me what makes you beautiful and what makes you different. But BE POSITIVE.

This is what I wrote: “I have pretty feet, shapely calves, wide hips, a belly, cellulited thighs, gorgeous, gorgeous, vast boobs, a defined waist, tanned arms, pretty fingers and beautiful long nails that other women envy. My face isn’t bad either – full lips, nice skin, pretty blue/green eyes and heavily pierced ears that I happen to adore”

I’m challenging you. It’s Thursday.

PS This is in no way closed only to women. I just happen to mention breasts since I mentioned my own in what I wrote.