I’m tinkering with things in the background of the blog. This hopefully shouldn’t interfere with anybody viewing, but I can’t guarantee it, so if it looks funny, apologies – it should be all sorted in an hour or so.

Update: well, that took less time than I expected! The more perceptive and frequent readers will note that the format of the blog has changed slightly. Everything that was there before is still there, and still in the same place. I’ve changed the layout of the blog, because I couldn’t tell which of the other contributors was writing what. For the record, this is why I write in purple! Anyway, I’ve changed themes, and we now have our names above our posts. I am just that groovy, people!

On a more sensible note, if anybody notices anything broken, please let me know in comments. Or, you could just drop by to pander to my ego and tell me that I am indeed groovy!