As may have become clear, I loathe Boris Johnson and all that he stands for.

Via The F-Word, Boris Johnson has said that he will not be funding the three rape crisis centres that he promised during his mayoral election campaign. Oh, the shock. I may swoon.

In an astounding level of arrogance, he’s also – in a different article, and regarding the possibility his serving as Prime Minister – said, “if like Cincinnatus I were to be called from my plough, then obviously it would be wrong of me not to help out.”

A rather telling little sentence there, starting with the reminder of his privileged classical education, which presumably the journalists do not share. It seems they don’t own a single streak of curiosity between them either, since if they had, they might have found out that Cincinnatus was a Roman statesman who was nominated dictator when Rome faced war, and who resigned immediately afterwards. I am unsurprised that Johnson conflates the ideas of “prime minister” and “dictator”, but suggest that the honourable gentleman (as House of Commons parlance would have him) would not, in fact, resign the instance his presence was no longer required. In fact, I’m certain he would not, because I cannot see for one moment how his presence is required as Mayor of London, and yet, there he stays.

Moving back to the original F-Word article, we see that Johnson has a press release out on the subject of violence against women. For the good of my sanity, I too am going to refrain from commenting thoroughly on this. I will, however, leave you with this thought:

The second paragraph of the press release starts with this sentence: “when elected last year the Mayor pledged to make London safer for all Londoners.”

Indeed. Let us not forget that this is the man who rushed to the defense of Carol Thatcher when she referred to a black man as a “golliwog”. Let us not forget that this is the man in charge of London, a city that, at the last census, was home to 2,068,888 people of one ethnic minority or another. I’m sure they feel very included. Just like women do now.