So apparently* Coleen Rooney has said that she will have a caesarean birth to prevent her first child with Wayne Rooney from being born on a day that clashes with his footballing commitments.


Ok, I understand that to some people an England World Cup Qualifying match is important, but maybe someone in the Rooney household ought to sort their priorities, and realised that child birth is much more important then any football much.

And I shouldn’t imagine that there was any element of “Hey, Wayne, ya know, the baby is due around the date of the England match, do you think you could put in for some time off for the life changing event that will be the birth of our first child?” After all, who announces that they are planning a caesarean so early in their pregnancy? (I don’t actually know how pregnant she is but I don’t this it’s very much, as this was the first I’d heard of it and I do read the occasional gossip magazine in order to chip away at my sanity)

So, to avoid inconveniencing her husband’s career (and the nation of course) Coleen is booking in for major surgery. Of course it has the benefit of avoiding all the messy labour business for her as well and keeping that pelvic floor nice and tight, because ladies we must never forget how important that is

What annoys me most about this the implication that the possibility of Coleen going in to labour at time that her husband is busy would be so disastrous that she MUST take action to avoid it at all costs. Why is the woman that has to make the sacrifice here even though she is the one doing the really important thing? And as my housemate pointed out, if it’s going to be that much trouble and inconvenience why try for a baby in the first place?


(*according to the Observer, so therefore it must be true, they’re a real news source…)