Students at Oxford University have created an online magazine and blog, Agendered. In their own words:

“Agendered is a new student-based Oxford online magazine and forum, tilting an enquiring feminist lens at the Oxford world as part of a broader gender critical dialogue. In a world where heterosexuality and gender norms are all too oft assumed, and where women aren’t as forefront and centre as you’d expect, feminist and queer theory are well worth applying.”

The magazine itself (“in depth analysis”) is scheduled to update once each term, so presumably we should be seeing a new set of articles fairly soon. The blog has been quiet over the Easter period, but looks like we can expect it to update regularly during term time.

I’ve added the link to the blogroll. If you haven’t already discovered the blogroll, go and have a look. There are many wonderfully interesting people on the list. Although I take no responsibility for the tidying up that you don’t do when you read them all evening.