Reading some old notes I made, I was reminded of a conversation I had earlier this year. My friend was describing her friend’s behaviour on a night out. She said this girl dresses to get attention, really ‘slutty’ and obvious. Friend then said that this girl had no right to have gotten upset, because a guy had slapped her arse and, when she told him to piss off, did it again. Friend’s opinion was that she was ‘asking for it’ because she clearly wanted the attention by dressing in such short skirts, low tops, etc.

I responded that yes, she might be asking for attention for dressing in revealing clothes… but she is NOT asking to be hit. She is not asking to be touched. ‘Attention’ does not mean an attack on your body. It means being seen. Being in a public space naturally means you have given permission for yourself to be seen… but not touched. What right does a person have to come up to you and smack you, just because they can see some flesh in a certain area? I also mentioned that if a boy is wearing jeans so tight that I can see the outline of his penis, does that mean I have the right to go up and grab it, squeeze it and then run off, only to repeat the same act later EVEN IF I was told not to? Friend conceded that no, I would not have that right.

Because I have not finished packing and I leave super-soon, I’m going to leave this one as it is… any other thoughts? Experiences of the same thing?