I’ve been working on the format of the website today. The more perceptive of you will have noticed that:

  1. We have a new contributor, roflingmedusa. Expect to see something of her in a couple of weeks’ time.
  2. There is now a search function at the top of the website.
  3. The links have disappeared from the sidebar, and –
  4. – they now have a whole page to themselves, acessible from the top of the site.

On the subject of contributors, I should mention that we’re looking for more. There are many reasons for this, most of them sensible and not at all concerned with pandering to my ego. The most sensible reason is that I do not, and have never claimed to, speak for all of the Fems. It would be good for the site if we could have some views of the world that aren’t mine. But fear not, lovely readers! You will still get your semi-regular features, because I’ve got used to doing them now. Although given the amount of time I’ve spent today rehashing the site, it may not happen this week.

The search function has been included because I noticed the lack earlier, when trying to find some old posts. On the grounds that “if it annoyed me, it will annoy somebody else”, I’ve rectified it.

Lastly, you may also notice that I have added a few links to the list. In fact, the whole format of linking has changed. There are now three separate areas to go to: one for Sheffield-specific things, one for UK-specific things, and one for feminism and feminist blogs. This is because of the number of searches that are now coming our way from people searching for services like “abortion in Sheffield” – it seemed only fair to put the answers in one easy-to-find area.

All of the old links have been retained, although they may not be in the same places. In addition, I’ve included some more links that are worth having up permanently. In general, the links will be to sites that are either updated regularly, or to sites that I link to regularly, or both. Very occaisionally there might be a link to a page or site that is neither of those things, but is interesting for some other reason, like the Feminism 101 series on Shakesville that I’ve linked to in the Basic Feminism category.

The “more feminism” category has been replaced; instead, there are “collaborative feminist blogs”, “personal feminist blogs”, “fat acceptance and feminism” and “men in feminism”.

This has all been done with the aim of making things easier to find. If there’s anything that I’ve missed, please feel free to tell me in comments.