I just realised that I completely ignored a very relevant news-based example: the proposal to abolish male primogeniture. This law means that a woman can only ascend the throne if all other male possibilities are exhausted. Far, far too many of the responses to this proposal centre on the fact that this is a long-standing tradition of English monarchy, which should be proudly preserved as an example of our heritage. A heritage that allowed a king to execute his wives on the grounds they didn’t provide a male heir: a heritage that has allowed stark raving bonkers kings to rule rather than see a vulva instead of a penis perched on the throne. Marvellous.

There are all sorts of complications involving the Commonwealth as to why this flagrantly sexist law cannot be easily changed, as highlighted on the BBC Website, which can explain it all far better than I. But, in the name of equality and common sense,  changed it should be.