Something that appears with reasonable regularity in the feminist blogosphere is the peculiar disappearance of men from select topics. How many times have we seen an article on – for example – childrearing, that completely neglects to mention the fact that men can be parents too? Or, in an article detailing the rape of a woman, having to look long and hard before finding any mention of the rapist?

The list goes on, but where can we find it?

Well, possibly here. I suspect this may become an ongoing series. Stay tuned.

Kirsten, who is partially responsible for my presence in the online community, opening my eyes as she did to the notion of feminism, mentioned an article to me yesterday. In fact, what she asked me to do was to read the article, and report back to her on what made me angry. Pausing only to add, “not the headless picture. That goes without saying.”

Well. That means that the article can only be about one thing. Yes, pregnancy. Specifically, teenage pregnancy, and the rise in rates thereof, in the UK. Amusingly, the picture is of the same headless pregnant woman that they’ve used many times before to get their point across.

Unfortunately, that’s where all amusement ends. I can’t write any better than Kirsten already has, so I’m just going to send you to her, so that you can read the article and thought process that lead to this:

“Girls being pressured into kinds of sex they don’t want is a problem whether or not it has an impact on teenage pregnancy rates. It’s a problem because it’s sexual abuse.”