Possibly the most stupid question asked about feminism in good faith:

“so… do you think I’d be able to pick up women if I went to a feminist meeting?”

No. No I don’t.

A feminist meeting is a space for feminists to talk about things that matter to them. This includes, but is not limited to, the myriad of ways in which men in general reduce women in general to their physical appearance and/ or “sexiness”.

Do you see where you went wrong?

As it happens, my actual answer also included these words:

“We are very, very used to this kind of thing. We will understand immediately that you don’t give a flying fuck about feminism, and at that point, all hell will break loose. For the good of your ego, which I understand is valuable to you, never, ever try this. It will all end in tears. Your tears. You will be harassed mercilessly, and you will not like it. Also, nobody will find it attractive, because it’s not clever. So you won’t get any.”

Does anybody have anything else to add?!