I’ve been away for the weekend, so weekend news-surfing will be a little late (again).

In the meantime, I just wanted to say this:

The Sheffield Fems are not interested in weight-loss spam.

Anybody thinking of trolling the blog, asking us to promote weight-loss “techniques” – which still don’t work – are hereby invited to crawl back under their bridge. Be aware that any comments promoting diets, “lifestyle changes” and the like will be thrown into the spam queue and deleted with no warning and no exra explanation given.

That is the price you pay for spamming me before I’ve had my breakfast. A nice, filling, carbohydrate-filled, protein-filled, calorie-filled, breakfast. With full-fat milk. And real butter. Mmmmmmm.

(It would be a good idea, if any of this post comes as a surprise, to visit Shapely Prose. See especially this post, any other post marked Health at Every Size, and the BMI Project.)