News from the meeting:

  • We are planning a big event about sexism within universities. We don’t have a date yet, but it’ll either be the end of March or the beginning of May. The theme of the event will be “Sex Equality Issues in Universities”. More details as and when we have them.
  • We’re having another crack at looking into moving the meetings. We need somewhere with a private room that we can book long term, that’s accessible by all, that is central and that is either free or really, really cheap. We simply do not have the kind of money that most venues charge, which does limit our options, but we are doing our best to find somewhere.
  • We are thinking of organising a big event in September along the lines of an introduction to feminism aimed at the new students arriving at University (and anyone else who interested of course), more details when we decided about this!
  • Hiring a coach to London for Million Women Rise is looking increasingly unlikely as it is prohibitively expensive. However, we will still be travelling down ourselves on public transport, and anybody wishing to travel with us is more than welcome.

Since the refreshers’ fair was the next day, the rest of the meeting was concerned with organising for that.