I can’t help feeling that it’s not surprising people don’t realise just how many rapes are committed against women, by men that they already know. Check out these stories from the BBC – all stories that I found today. I’m sure there’ll be others tomorrow.

Two stories of rape as child abuse – one reporting on two men who abused boys, the other on a man studying for a degree in social care, who was “convicted of four sexual offences against children”.

Two stories of rape as opportunist, stranger rape. Bonus points to the first story for being of the man-drags-woman-from-street model, and to the second story for getting the words “illegal immigrant” into the first line.

The rapist in that last story attempted to rape two women in separate incidents by forcing them into his car. After he failed for the second time – both women managed to get free and get help – he approached a different woman, telling her she was beautiful.*

“She was subsequently knocked out on the street and when she came round, she realised she had been raped. Subryan was linked to the rape by DNA evidence. When the father-of-two was arrested he initially denied all the charges put to him but has since pleaded guilty to two counts of threats to kill, kidnapping, assault with intent to rape, indecent assault, rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.”

*And how many times have women heard that when they’re out by themselves, I wonder?! And how many times are we told that “they’re just being nice”? I suppose it’s a bit like the way we’re told to take cabs home to “keep safe“. Melissa has written a more detailed post on that story, by the way.