Earlier this week I was doing a pub quiz which featured a caption competition. The picture was of a woman with a zip for a mouth. Yes, it wasn’t very funny in the first place, however I was even more appalled by the allegedly ‘funny’ captions that other teams came up with.
There were a few making the not particularly witty link to Zippy from Rainbow, but the majority were along the following lines…
“The Perfect Wife”
“The Solution to a Peaceful Life”
“You Wouldn’t Want A Blow Job From That”

And the one declared funniest by the landlord….
“Finally Scientists Discover A Cure For Feminism”

I thought I’d been transported back to the 1970’s!
What makes it even sadder is that this was a student pub, with an average age of 20 something and a fairly even split between men and women.
I mean, have we really not moved on from Bernard Manning style jokes about women talking too much and all feminists being screaming harpies hell bent on ruining everyone’s fun? Apparently not.

And more to the point, a cure for feminism? Yeah that’s what’s really needed now. Feminism is OUTTA CONTROL! Women can vote and work and shit what next….?

When are people going to get it…. feminism is not the enemy. Feminism benefits EVERYONE not just hairy lesbians. Feminism is not about hating men or nagging them for the sake of it or ruining everyone’s fun.

It’s about recognising women as equal to men and protecting our rights.
Not a particularly scary concept is it?