As the tag “drivel-purveyors” might suggest, there are some publications to which I take issue. Now, womens’ magazines are a whole barrel of drivel to themselves, and right now I can’t muster the mental energy to take them on.

In the meantime, however, prepare to feel sick.

Actually, I really mean this. Serious Sanity Warning on this one, because since I’m giving the direct link, it doesn’t put the triggering stuff below the jump like it does if you find it from the blog’s main page.

I’m telling you now, this shit made me physically nauseous. Although I’m not sure what’s worse, to be honest – FHM reduced me to rage-induced tears. Which they’d probably have been very pleased about, given that it’s a “feminine” thing to do. Anyway.

From Richie at Crimitism, Zoo Weekly publishes most misogynistic article yet (probably).

The blog’s not one I regularly read (although I think I might have to add it to my ever-increasing blogroll) – I found it whilst following links from FuckPoliteness, who is cool and groovy.